Create a SEXY Video Message for ANY Occasion – Clothes OPTIONAL!

Pick an Occasion!

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  • Inside Joke
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Make them smile, laugh, or cry. It’s their day and your play!

Jokes are always funnier with clothes optional!

Nothing says Merry Christmas like letting our models unwrap the present for you!

No one declines appreciation when tits are out!

A naked girl asks you to come hang out. Is there any chance you’d say no?

We’ll pretty much say anything you want….clothing optional!

Our Guarantee

Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, a Strippie will evoke emotion like no other gift!

How It Works

Pick a Model!

All our models are trained to take your message and tun it into a masterpiece in 72 hours or less.

How Much Skin?

Tell our models to show as little or as much skin as you want to see!

Create the perfect message!

Get creative. Make it funny, sexy, congratulatory, rude, or down-right embarrassing.

Send it out!

We’ll SMS you a link to view your Strippie when your order is complete!

Model Intros

Alex Coal

“The girl next door”

Carla Cain

“Naughty or nice”

Khaleesi Wilde

“Fun, sex, silly”

Kitty Purrz

“Bold, funny, sexy”


“I’m F-ing awesome”

Two Thorned Rose

“Creating smiles and more…”